A selection of objects separated into front and back components, so you can easily place objects inside them. The pairs of layers are linked so they stay together after you drag them into another Photoshop document.

Click any thumbnail to download the full size image. These are all layered Photoshop files, and the file sizes are much larger than typical jpg images. You may use these images freely in your Photoshop work without accreditation.

A mention of photoshop.london on your social media platform of choice would be appreciated.

Basket 01

Basket 02

Box 01

Box 02

Box 03

Box 04

Box 05

Box 06

Box 07

Box 08

Box 09

Box 10

Box 11

Box 12


Case 01

Case 02

Case 03

Case 04

Case 05

Shopping cart 01

Shopping cart 01

Shopping cart 03

Shopping cart 04

Shopping cart 05