All the chess scenes were built in Adobe Dimension, with 3D models drawn from around the internet (including the extensive free library I also created many of the objects using the 3D tools in Photoshop, including Boudicca’s chariot shown here.

The wheels of Boudicca’s chariot were created as simple Shape objects in Photoshop. The assembly was then extruded to make the 3D wheels.

The chariot started as a Shape drawn on a new layer with the Pen tool.

The chariot outline was turned into a 3D object and extruded to give it depth. A slight Taper made the chariot wider at the top, and a Vertical Bend made the curve.

Here’s the assembled chariot in Photoshop. The axle was added as a simple cylinder object.

Here’s the scene assembled in Adobe Dimension, with a brass texture applied to the chariot…

…and here’s the final rendered image.